Funk Blues Fusion Concepts is a course designed to equip already proficient rock guitar players with harmonic knowledge, commonly found within the rock/fusion style. The course focuses on ways in which to view the fretboard to gain confidence with note choice, explores multiple tonal options that can be played over Dominant 7th chords and explores ways to expand musical vocabulary. The course is also designed to be a first introduction to the concept of playing over chord changes, and matching ones note choice to the specific chord that is being played. The course delves into how to view the fingerboard to enhance smooth, musical transitions throughout the harmony. The chord progression used is a basic I7 IV7 V7 blues in a fast paced, swung, funk style, a feel commonly used in the rock/fusion idiom. The blues is well known and loved by all guitar players, and is a great place to practice implementing these new visualisation and harmonic ideas. There is an example study with TAB for students to learn and analyse with the aim of lifting ideas into their own playing. There is also some bonus improvisation footage that students can use as inspiration to fuel their own creativity.”

Funk Blues Fusion Concepts Tutorial